Daily Reads

  • Smithville
    blog and podcast of my best online friend........ cute wife, lotsa pets and an interesting job
  • Eye-Candee
    hot jamacian chick, interesting blog, message boards and more
  • Sugar-devil
    Canadian girl, just trying to finish college, work at the same time, doing good deeds, one of my best online friends
  • Jim Meeker
    one of my bestest online friends!!! drives a huge ship in the middle of the ocean for the US military, likes to drink and brew beer......
  • Gilbertv
    Houston locals, that I met when I lived in Ohio.......he linked me way back when.........local bars, nightlife and more
  • Jermexpress
    Jerm blogs about all interesting current events.......and anything you can imagine
  • 1800Colette
    a neat teen that I met a while ago, blogging about life and growinng up
  • Innocenz
    blog of a single mom, men, her beautiful daughter and daily drama
  • Fakerain
    blog of a single mom, neat layouts and great fashion